Yatish Kumar

Published: February 22, 2022

Yatish Kumar has made a special creative presence in the literary world in the last few years. His poetic reviews on popular novels, stories and travelogues have particularly attracted the attention of readers. His poems and memoirs have been published in most of the reputed magazines such as Naya Gyanodaya, Hans, Aha! Zindagi, Sanmarg, Prabhat Khabar and Vagarth. His works are also published on famous literary blogs like Samalochan, Janaki Pul, Pahleebar, Kavita Kosh etc. He is also actively associated with various literary-social organizations and is the president of Kolkata’s literary organisation ‘Neelamber’ these days. Yatish Kumar has always been at the forefront in supporting various social upliftment programs. Recently, his first Hindi poetry book Antas Ki Khurchan has been published, to appreciation from the readers and litterateurs. An Administrative Officer of the Indian Railway Service, Yatish Kumar has the distinction of becoming the youngest Chairman and Managing Director of Central ‘Public Sector Undertakings’. He is currently holding the charge of Braithwaite & Company Limited. Shri Kumar was honoured with National Award in 2006 for outstanding contribution in Indian Railways.


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